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More people must experience Green Care

We want to start a people's movement that gets more people out into nature and to places where the surroundings harmonize with nature and form a favorable framework for nature experiences, nature therapy and nature work. It is about both enjoying and giving - to get something from nature that only nature can give, and to give something back to nature, so that nature thrives and is preserved for the benefit and joy both of nature's living beings and of humans.

Membership in five levels

In order to create a greater spread quickly, we will work with campaigns where members can recruit more members and be recognized for this. The recognition takes the form of a title and an electronic "badge" that can be used on websites and social media. Therefore, you are welcome to state who has recommended you to become a member, so that he or she can receive recognition for his or her efforts ...

You can sign up as a regular or active member - see below - and make yourself deserving of "rising in the ranks" - the three green boxes below.

We have set the prices so that everyone can participate - and hopefully experience that they get something for their money! The cost to companies is double the personal memberships because companies can deduct it in their accounts. So in reality it is the same price.

The extra price for the active memberships goes to buy flyers, t-shirts and pens etc., so that active members can help to make the Forum for Green Health visible.

Thank you for your support!



Person: DKK 100. Virk./org .: DKK 200

Condition: Pay membership fee - otherwise no claim.

GCD logo ORANGE badge.png

Active support member

Person: DKK 250 Virk./org .: DKK 500

Condition: Pay membership fee and participate in making Green Care Denmark visible to the best of its ability. You will receive our support package.

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