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The Green Health Forum works for this

In September 2021, at the Forum for Green Health's general assembly, we adopted a new vision and formulated our mission and the set of values we stand for. You can read mission and values below ...

We still want to create more places in Denmark that can function as an arena for nature-based therapy and health promotion. It can e.g. be through initiatives such as Men's Meeting Places, Father for Life, outdoor school and other pedagogical initiatives that can be combined with Green Health.

Click on the slides show's buttons to read more about what we are working for to begin with - and feel free to come up with new suggestions for focus areas that you yourself see as opportunities together with Green Health.

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Several green care locations

Denmark needs more places where people can get out in the open and meet others - preferably also animals ...

Forum for Green Health Mission

In order to fulfill our vision, there are a number of factors that are crucial when it comes to spreading knowledge and awareness of Green Care. We have identified the six focus areas below:

  1. Gren Care Knowledge Council: Establishment of a Gren Care Knowledge Council makes it possible to gather, disseminate and disseminate knowledge as well as advise partners and members of the association.

  2. Green Care Basic Education: We want the Green Care efforts in Denmark to be upgraded through the establishment of a Green Care Basic Education, which provides the participants with the necessary practical knowledge within the work with plants, animals and nature in Green Care.

  3. Certification of Green Care actors: We want a quality assurance of the Green Care efforts in Denmark through a certification of actors who offer Green Care services such as garden therapy, nature therapy and social agriculture to ensure users the best conditions for choosing Green Care services .

  4. Green Care Center: In order to anchor the Green Care Basic Education and spread the knowledge of Green Care through the opportunity to experience several types of Green Care in the same place, we work to establish and certify the Green Care Center, which houses several types of Green Care initiatives in the same place . This is done through collaboration between public and private actors and may include existing Green Care companies that meet the conditions and offer Green Care services.

  5. Green Care Facilities: The spread of a Green Care effort throughout Denmark can be promoted through the development and production of Green Care facilities that promote and enable stays in nature and create more applications for the Green Care Center for both Danes and tourists.

  6. Green Care Tourism: In order to realize the vision of Denmark becoming a prominent country in the Green Care perspective, we will work for the development of more Green Care activities and places that can benefit both Danes and tourists seeking health promotion through Green Care activities.

We will strive to bring this vision to life, while respecting the Forum for Green Health values, which we have defined as follows:

Forum for Green Health values

Forum for Green Health wants to be a unifying community for an open collaboration on care for people, animals and nature. Our way of being reflects this care through the empathy and inclusiveness we show both in relation to members, partners and other users of nature.

We want to be a credible partner that actively participates in the development of innovative initiatives, activities and facilities that can help to realize the Forum for Green Health's visions.

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