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Green Care Academy - a long-term initiative


The Green Care Academy project deals with a virtual and a physical community that inspires everyone to health-promoting stays in nature. The virtual Green Care Academy is an online community with website, blog, videos and booking of lectures and tours and profiles on social media. 

Green Care Academy serves two purposes: To gather and disseminate knowledge about health-promoting activities in nature, and to carry out activities in special places that demonstrate these and show which places you as a citizen can visit to experience this effect. Some of these activities are offered as paid services, and through the creation of a grant scheme earmarking funds for people unfamiliar with nature, socially disadvantaged citizens, people with disabilities, the project promotes the ability of these groups to access activities that are suitable for more. of the same kind…

The project's places and activities to create a platform that makes visible the many opportunities to use nature's different spaces for therapeutic purposes and disseminates this knowledge to the whole of Denmark.

The Green Care Academy project is a long-term initiative that requires funding to be realized. We describe it here, to make our ambitions visible and thus hopefully fertilize the ground for the thoughts behind the project to become a reality.

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