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Here is my story about Green Health - Annette

Each member of the board has a personal background for their commitment

I have been active in my local community for many years with "Livets Sange" - - and "Folkekøkkenet", and I will always be a friend of the farm, which used to be Hejrede Friluftsgård and is now by transforming into Hepaticana .

Ten years ago, it became the songs about "When life is green" about the joy of nature and life in the country here on Lolland. Some of them can be experienced at .

However, I will have to create more focus here where I am on Fejø, and therefore my Therapy Garden Fejø will change its name to Annette's Have on Fejø. Here I will hold Fejø Stories in the summer of 2021.

It also means that I only want to be active on the board until the next general meeting, but of course I still support the association and would like to support Green Care Denmark's mission that more people can have a better quality of life and experience the joy of nature, the garden and the wildlife around us as part of a healing process.

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