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Here is my story about Green Health - Jørgen

Each member of the board has a personal background for their commitment

I am a trained specialist  in general medicine and has had two medical practices - first in Middelfart and - after 2 years where I  started as a psychotherapist and at the same time was an aviation medic at the Skrydstrup air station and a medical crew member in the rescue helicopters - since in Videbæk.
For the last 10 years I have nurtured myself as a doctor on duty and a psychotherapist. offered holotropic breathing therapy - 3 hours long sessions where you work with enhanced breathing, music and body work  an in-depth method of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Triggered by i.a. a long hospital stay 3 years old, which for many years afterwards made my relationship with women and authorities difficult, I became very interested in helping others with personal liberation and self-development, which I was given ample opportunity as a general practitioner and with the various psychotherapeutic educations, I gradually supplemented with - I had to go down and release below the surface - also in myself - and constantly supplement with new and better tools - traditional and complementary - at home and abroad. See

This eventually led to a deeper understanding of the importance of nature for healing - and when my youngest moved away from home a few years ago, I stood alone with  a large house with 6000m2 of land - which inspired me to create a housing association and supplement my offers with garden therapy and public access  for recreational activities -  ideally close to beach and forest. In this way, I could now incorporate everything I had learned so that it could benefit more people in an even deeper way.
For the last 2 years, I and a team of volunteers have been in the process of establishing facilities for this purpose - and have created a template for a website and the facebook group "Life's garden in Båring Vig ”. It was in this process, Troels contacted me for a garden therapy network and now Green Care Denmark, which I think is a great idea, as I think we need to re-establish contact with nature on a larger scale.  by means of recreational activities, being in and with the elements and unfolding of therapeutic processes also outdoors.


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