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More men and fathers in nature

One of the men who in recent years has struck a blow for a clearer approach in our use of nature is Peter Qvortrup Geisling, doctor and journalist and known from DR. In his book from 2017, Nature on Prescription, he talks about how nature can be used as a well-documented medicine for stress and sadness:

"In general, nature gives us peace and time to reflect on life. These are important mental vitamins - also for our children who grow up with the iPad as a beloved playmate, while being much less out in nature than previous generations. "


This is how it is called in the mention of the book, which is also a personal and inspiring story about Peter Qvortrup Geisling's own childhood in the North Jutland nature and his desire to plant nature joy and peace in his little daughter's mind.


It is exactly the same approach that lies behind our formulated goal of more men and fathers to escape screen addiction and move out into nature on their own, with other men, and not least with their children. Maybe it is even the children who can teach their fathers something here and inspire them to (re-) experience the joy of nature, which should be a natural part of a happy childhood ...


Therefore, in collaboration with the Forum for Men's Health, we will work to ensure that more Men's Meeting Places are located in or near scenic surroundings, and that it becomes possible for fathers who are part of the Father of Life to get close to nature and animals together. with their children.

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