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Here is my story about Green Health - Peder

Each member of the board has a personal background for their commitment

I myself grew up in the countryside and have great pleasure in being in nature, and I have chosen to make the same shape my children. I have both an interest in fishing and hunting, but also the insight into gardens and landscapes and production. I have a master's degree. hort - or in Danish: Master of Horticulture - at the University of Copenhagen LIFE (KVL) specializing in organic cider production.

In recent years, I have worked as a clerk in the Danish Agency for Agriculture, tourism manager for Lolland Tourist Board and project manager for Lolland Falster Diocese and Knuthenlund Estate. Previously, I was project manager for development in Villages and Rural Areas in Guldborgsund Municipality and coordinator of the Local Action Group (LAG-Lolland), as well as project manager for the association Lytteholm Naturcenter.

My distinctive feature is my commitment to both aesthetic, gastronomic and sustainable development of landscapes. I am committed to developing both public areas, voluntary initiatives and private agricultural companies so that they help to create an attractive framework for life, tourism and relocation. I have a great knowledge of how nature, biodiversity and production can be integrated into our landscape, gardens and cities. It is these key issues that I would like to help develop as a member of the board of the Forum for Green Health.

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