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Here is my story about Green Health - Troels

Each member of the board has a personal background for their commitment

As a 10-year-old, I was so lucky to live for half a year at the spiritual folk high school Søtoftegård by Gyrstinge Lake. Here I could help look after the farm's animals and explore the forest. It gave me the breathing space I needed, in a childhood marked by crises, conflicts, and alcohol abuse. There was no such thing as Green Health back then, but that was actually what I invented for myself.

When I myself as a father could help to establish a nature kindergarten that my children could go to with their mother, I then passed on the Green Health ball, and again when we as a family established an outdoor farm, where we could share our joy at nature and the animals with others.

The financial crisis made me seek new opportunities with a master's degree in rural development. It then continued with a module in nature-based therapy and health promotion, where I saw Green Health and saw a connection between Denmark as a happy country, our agricultural landscape and our nature.

Through personal crises that also brought my childhood trauma into play, I was once again put on the trail of Green Health - this time as the answer to my higher purpose. For the crises, I dealt with using coaching and life philosophy to find a new meaning in my life that had suddenly changed radically. And here Green Health was the answer and my mission was shaped: To help people find themselves in nature and in interaction with animals.

So that is the background for my efforts for Green Health.

And that is also what has led me to have a project around Terapihaven Hepaticana, where I live, see .


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