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Membership terms for Green Care Denmark Companies

Draft ethical guidelines for Green Care Denmark.

As a member, you undertake to run your Green Care business and offer services in accordance with the following terms:

  1. The company works on nature's premises and always ensures that the animals, plants and landscapes that are part of the company's work are treated gently and sustainably.

  2. Citizens who participate in activities or receive therapeutic services are treated according to a moral standard that ensures the anonymity and personal integrity of the individual. Coercion or pressure is never used in relation to the client.

  3. The company undertakes to comply with all applicable standards in the processing of users' personal data.

  4. The company undertakes to keep any profile on Green Care Denmark's website up to date and to ensure that further information can be found on either a common Green Care website or the company's own website.

  5. The company has taken out a relevant corporate liability insurance, which covers all the company's activities. In areas where insurance cannot be taken out, the company undertakes to sign this so that users are informed.

  6. The company undertakes to use or employ authorized personnel only in functions that are directly related to the clients' therapy and / or treatment. If this takes place without the presence of authorized personnel, the company obliges to ensure that authorized personnel have described the activity / process and that this description is available to those users who may wish to do so.

  7. The company undertakes to keep their knowledge up to date and contribute to exchanging experiences with other Green Care Denmark companies with the aim of raising professionalism and ensuring a uniform development of Green Care offers to the extent that they are not subject to certification requirements from other authorities.

  8. The company undertakes to conduct its business only in areas that are either owned by the company or where a written agreement has been entered into for the use of the area for the company's purposes. If the activities take place in public areas, it must be ensured that they do not conflict with other uses of the area in question during the period in which the activity takes place.

  9. The company undertakes to operate with invoicing and payment terms that are suitable for ensuring a healthy economy for both the company and customers / clients. Hourly rates and prices for fixed services must appear on the company's website, just as affiliated consultants must state the fees they charge in connection with treatment / activity in the company's area.

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