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... for you who seek peace and freedom in nature

Come out into nature or visit a Green Care place and rediscover yourself.

Find a place where you can learn about achieving new balance, joy of life and inner strength - alone or with others. We want to show you how animals, plants and humans can thrive together…

What does Green Health mean in Denmark?

We have translated the English term "Green Care" to "green health" in Danish - and green care has many faces - it can be garden therapy, social agriculture, animal-assisted therapy, green fitness or nature therapy as it is seen ... (Touch the picture to see texts ).

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Background and purpose

Green Health is our translation of the English "Green Care" - a scientific concept that brings together various forms of nature-based therapy and health promotion.

In green care, care is a key element; care for humans, animals and nature. So green health is not just a stay in the green and nature. It is also about ensuring the well-being of animals as well as the way in which we involve the animals in therapeutic work.

Green care can also accommodate a spiritual and therapeutic practice, which is enhanced through work and stay in nature. And this is what many people daily acknowledge they need, as it promotes physical health and mental balance.
Forum for Green Care Denmark is founded as an umbrella organization that carries out voluntary public information work on green care centrally or through local departments. The association is open to all individuals, companies and organizations that conclude on the Forum for Green Care Denmark's vision:

We want Denmark to become a leading nation in the use and spread of Green Care methods in the form of various forms of nature-based therapy and health promotion, whereby people can achieve better physical and mental balance and development.

Based on this mission, we have designed a mission that outlines areas for action and methods we want to apply or develop. You can read more about them here on the pages ...

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