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Become a member as a Green Care company

If you want membership as a Green Care Company or want to support Green Care Denmark through your company or organization, you can sign up for a company membership.

As a company member, you get the right to use the Green Care Denmark logo on your website, and you get the opportunity to get a Green Care Denmark website if your company is a Green Care company. You can see an example of a Green Care Denmark website here .

When you register your company, you must accept our membership terms, ie. join you with the values we believe are essential for Green Care Denmark companies.

For your company, this means that you get the advantage of being able to refer to your membership and thus to the standard you have committed to live up to.

Until we get a webshop, you can pay your membership fee via Mobile Pay to 41 56 40 26 - remember to write Green Care Denmark in the message field! - or on the association's account in Danske Bank Nykøbing: 4386 4386391475.

Thank you for your support!



Company: DKK 300

Condition: Pay membership fee - otherwise no claim.

GCD logo ORANGE badge.png

Active support member

Company: DKK 600

Condition: Pay membership fee and participate in making Green Care Denmark visible to the best of its ability.


In order for us to register you as a member, you need to fill in the information below.

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