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We need more green care places!

Around the Danish landscape, there are still places where it is quiet during the day and starry at night. Here you will also sometimes find some of the places that have what the Americans call the wow effect - simply because of the nature, the landscape and the location.

Some of these places are now being transformed into therapy gardens, but also in the middle of the big city and in the suburbs around, more people are working to create a beautiful setting that visually calms and offers different sensory experiences than those you find in it. built environment.

On the website you can see the different therapy gardens that we have visited, and maybe click on to their own websites and see how far they have come and what their focus and purpose is ...

New in 2022 : Green Care Camps

To create better opportunities for us to get green care places around the country, we are now launching the concept Green Care Camps, which has its own website.

In the wake of the corona crisis, there has been a lot of talk about how Danes seek out nature. But as not everyone has the opportunity, we have entered into a collaboration with the National Association for Early Retirees on Green Care Camps. At a Green Care Camp, the participants help to create the sustainable life at the Green Care site, while at the same time they get the opportunity to find happiness and enjoyment in nature and work with self-development through a series of workshops and lectures. Click on the logo and see more ...

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Become one with nature

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